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Our Story

Our founders were brought together through the UpRising Environmental Leadership Programme with a range of passions, from wildlife conservation to refugees. We recognised those passions were all brought together by a desire to fight the one thing that threatens them all; climate change.

Through our personal experiences growing up on the front line of climate change, in Somerset, Somaliland and South Asia. We were faced with climate change as a human issue, watching as flooding became more erratic and more severe, droughts became deeper and more protracted and as monsoon rains became harsher and less reliable. We realised that we needed to stop looking at climate change through the prism of the future.

We realised that the climate had changed and decided it was time to act.

But as a group of young people we felt isolated from the solutions. The narrative was dominated by talk of solar panels and electric cars which were out of reach to renters with one second hand car between us.

Accounting for around a quarter of global emissions, we identified food as the most effective entry point to engage communities like our own on climate action. What we eat is a decision you make every day. It is a decision over which almost everyone has the agency to make a change. But the information to make that decision is rarely easily accessible.

We founded E.Mission® to help people better understand their carbon footprint and give them the tools to reduce it.

We developed an app to help people calculate the carbon footprint of their diet, worked with numerous restaurants in the West Midlands to carbon count their menus, developed an education programme called Games For Change which was curtailed by COVID and developed a web plugin with the University of Manchester which used artificial intelligence to carbon count an online recipe and provide recommended substitutions.

We are proud of what we achieved but  lives move on, circumstances change and we have made the difficult decision to end the E.Mission® journey.

We remain individually committed to making the world better so feel free to reach out to us on LinkedIn if you want to find out what we are working on now.

Our Founders

Sustainable Eating - E.Mission - James

James Bagshaw

James specialises in developing the business models to realise a net zero world.

Sustainable Eating - E.Mission - Tom

Tom Maidment

Tom is working with large companies to develop a more sustainable food system. He is currently writing a book and is an Associate at Oxford Net Zero.

Sustainable Eating - E.Mission - Hiloni

Hiloni Goradia

A chef by training, Hiloni runs a restaurant and a gourmet food businesses in her native Mumbai.

Sustainable Eating - E.Mission - Drew

Andrew Ologunebi

A serial entrepreneur, Drew now runs motion design tool LottieLabs.

Sustainable Eating - E.Mission - Katy

Katy Lawrence

Katy runs her own business on the Isle of Skye and works with vulnerable people supporting the installation of low carbon technologies.

Sustainable Eating - E.Mission - Mustafa

Mustafa Abdillahi

Mustafa works in engineering project management.

We are developing a range of services to inform individuals and businesses as to how they can reduce their carbon footprint. We want to promote sustainable eating and sustainable food practices that help diners eat local, and help businesses to meet the growing trend for low carbon eating. Our site is packed with food miles facts, as well as a food carbon footprint calculator helping users to see exactly what food miles mean.

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Working Hours : 09:00 – 19:00
Address : BIRMINGHAM, UK 22004
Email : info@emission.org.uk