Reducing Your Carbon Forkprint One Meal At A Time

Climate change is a

Human Issue

Climate change isn’t just being caused by humans, it has human consequences too, but it also has a human solution and it starts with the food on your plate.

Simple Substitutions Make

The Difference

Switching beef for pork reduces a meal’s impact by 6 times and eating asparagus in season reduces its impact by 28 times.

How to reduce carbon footprint - Emission
How to reduce your carbon footprint - Emission

Eating one extra beef free meal every week for a year is equal to

Sustainable food practices - E.Mission


Starts with you

We have the power in our hands to make the difference. E.Mission® is working to make it easier for you to make effective change before time runs out for our climate.

We are developing a range of services to inform individuals and businesses as to how they can reduce their carbon footprint. We want to promote sustainable eating and sustainable food practices that help diners eat local, and help businesses to meet the growing trend for low carbon eating. Our site is packed with food miles facts, as well as a food carbon footprint calculator helping users to see exactly what food miles mean.

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