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Carbon count your business

Do you want to understand the impact of your business on the environment? Perhaps a particular process, product or service? Our expert team can help you to understand the carbon footprint associated with your business.
Understanding the emissions from your business is the first step towards demonstrating your commitment to the environment to your customers and ensure you are robust to a net zero future.

We can help you with:

Individual Events

We can calculate the emissions associated with running your events either in person or virtually.

Business Analysis

We can work with you to understand your business’ carbon footprint and advise how you can best prepare for a net zero future.

Employee Training 

We can work with your staff to instil a net zero mindset that will put your business at the forefront of the future.

Independent Support

We don’t make any money from recommending products to you so you can trust our advice to be truly unbiased.

What we can do for you

Net zero is approaching and increasingly inaction is not a choice you can make. E.Mission® can work with you to understand your existing emissions, and support you in the development of tools and strategies to monitor and, most importantly, reduce them.
E.Mission’s team has experience across a range of sectors, to discuss what solutions we can build for your business just get in touch.

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We are developing a range of services to inform individuals and businesses as to how they can reduce their carbon footprint. We want to promote sustainable eating and sustainable food practices that help diners eat local, and help businesses to meet the growing trend for low carbon eating. Our site is packed with food miles facts, as well as a food carbon footprint calculator helping users to see exactly what food miles mean.

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